Ergo Stowaway {Baby Carrier Review}

This carrier has the Ergo name that you know and trust and also has the ability to pack down small to easily fit in your diaper bag. If you love your original Ergo carrier but wish you had one you could toss in a bag for a just in case emergency then this is the carrier for you.

Ergo Baby Carrier Stowaway:

from the website:

 Comfortable, compact, and amazingly convenient,€“ the Ergobaby Stowaway Olive Carrier features a shell made with 100% recycled materials that folds into its own front pouch for easy storage. Stow it in a stroller or stash it in your car. You can even wear it on your wrist, thanks to the handy strap. When it’s folded, the Stowaway Carrier is about the size of a clutch bag or an Ergobaby Travel Pouch

  • Comfortable for Parents: Baby’s weight is evenly distributed between the hips and shoulders
  • Ergonomic for Baby: Baby is cradled in a natural sitting position
  • 3 Carry Positions: Front, Back and Hip
  • Baby Weight Range: 7*-45 lb/3.2* – 20 kg (*Newborn with Infant Insert)
  • Stitching: Reinforced at all fabric intersections for extra durability
  • Shoulder Strap Length Range: 24”-44” (61cm-112cm)
  • Waistbelt Circumference Range: 26”-55” (66cm-140cm)
  • Shoulder Strap Padding:  300 GSM Polyester Batting
  • Waist Belt Padding:  300 GSM Polyester Batting
  • Pack Pocket
  • Hood
  • Machine washable
  • Designed in the USA

My measurements of the carrier:

Shoulder Straps:
Waist Belt:

 Ergo Stowaway Experience:

My son was too big to use this carrier safely (his weight was fine, but his height had the carrier barely reaching the middle of his back). There was a mom in my local babywearing group who owns this carrier and she had these words to say about the Ergo Baby Carrier Stowaway:

My baby brain was still in full swing when my son was about 3 months old and this was when I started really using carriers. Running out the door to the store or wherever I was ALWAYS forgetting my carrier! Time and time again I WISHED it would fit in my diaper bag! But it would not. So I just kept on forgetting it and having to try to get through shopping as fast as possible with my tendinitis throbbing away! I was SO TIRED of being a space case! (My son is ten months old now and I’m still a space case!) Well, after wishing and wishing for a carrier that would fold up to fit in my diaper bag….lo and behold! The Travel Ergo! In two colors, navy or army green and a slightly cheaper price than the standard Ergo, I think it is a great deal! Finally! A carrier that folds up neatly into it’s own little pouch, (the pocket on the carrier is the pouch so you cannot lose it!), fits beautifully into my diaper bag and is always there when I need it. With slightly less padding than it’s full size counterpart, and no zipper pocket, it is not my first choice or go-to carrier. But as a back-up or for trips where baggage space is limited, it is a lifesaver! Overall I give it a 10 out of 10 for what it is. A very portable back-up or travel carrier! I really love mine and the feeling I get when I realize I’ve forgotten my carrier but wait! I have my travel Ergo in my bag! YAY I AM SAVED!!!


This is a very packable baby carrier. It has slightly less padding than the Original Ergo Baby Carrier and it is easily stuffed into the hood pocket. The weight limit is 45 lbs, but with the height and width of the carrier some children may not comfortably fit in this carrier after about 30 lbs.  If you need a lightweight and packable carrier for your older baby or small toddler then this is it!

Where to Buy:

Unfortunately Ergo has discontinued selling this carrier. You may be able to find this carrier second hand or check out the list of Ergo Authorized Sellers. One of them may have Stowaway carriers still in stock.

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